Nepotism: Are you a hypocrite?

This article doesn’t intend to discuss effects of nepotism but intends to discuss why is it hypocrisy to talk about nepotism without realizing the privileges one has against the not so privileged ones. Definition of Nepotism. Just for the nerds the bookish definition of nepotism is: “The practice among those with power or influence ofContinue reading “Nepotism: Are you a hypocrite?”

Why is there Islamophobia in this world?

 Phobia Before even understanding the causes of Islamophobia, let’s see what is a phobia? A phobia is a medical term which describes a mental and/or physiological state of human suffering due to a disorder resulting from an irrational or unexplained fear of things or situations and reflected in physical or emotional behavior. So, what isContinue reading “Why is there Islamophobia in this world?”

Prediabetes – More deadly than COVID-19

Before we understand why is prediabetes more deadly than COVID-19 we need to understand. “What is prediabetes?” A prediabetes stage is a metabolic disorder of the body in which the blood sugar levels are not elevated enough to be called as diabetes level but the blood sugar levels are above normal levels. The prediabetes bloodContinue reading “Prediabetes – More deadly than COVID-19”

The Babri Masjid Demolition – A representation of timeline and judicial conclusion

Masjid – (Islam) a Muslim place of worship. House of God, house of prayer, house of worship, place of worship – any building where congregations gather for prayer. One such masjid was situated at 26° 47′ 44.16″ N, 82° 11′ 40.2″ E in the east of India at a place called Ayodhya in the stateContinue reading “The Babri Masjid Demolition – A representation of timeline and judicial conclusion”

बिहार विधान सभा चुनाव, 2020: एक निष्पक्ष दृष्टिकोण

भारतीय गणराज्य के पूर्वोत्तर मैं स्थित बिहार राज्य का राजनीतिक माहौल दिलचस्प मोड़ पर है और इस गरम माहौल मैं आइये समझते है बिहार के राजनीतिक समीकरण लेकिन एक अलग अंदाज मैं। इस लेख मैं उल्लेख मिलेगा बिहार के कई ऐसे आकड़ो के बारे मैं जो की एक जागरूक नागरिक को समझने की ज़रूरत है,Continue reading “बिहार विधान सभा चुनाव, 2020: एक निष्पक्ष दृष्टिकोण”

Pandemic COVID-19

What is COVID -19? COVID-19 is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019. It is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, an acronym for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. The common symptoms of COVID-19 are Most common symptoms: fever dry cough tiredness Less common symptoms: aches and pains sore throat diarrhoea conjunctivitis headache loss ofContinue reading “Pandemic COVID-19”

Discussion on India farmer reform bills 2020

Government of India introduced three bills with the purpose of empowering farmers by various means. These three bills are aimed at providing free markets to farmers as an alternative to current system of APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee). Bill No. 111 of 2020: THE ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2020:  Passed on Sep 22, 2020 BillContinue reading “Discussion on India farmer reform bills 2020”